Tampa Women’s League 2018 Season

League Rules & Game Play

The Tampa Women’s League reserves the right to make any changes including rules that are deemed necessary for fair competition, safety and efficient operation of the league. Games will take place on Sunday nights at Tampa PAL.

Tampa Women’s League Rules

  • *Be sure to pay attention to Numbers 8, 12, 14, and 15.
    1. On the schedule, the Home team is listed first; the Visiting team is listed second.
    2. All games will be played in four (4) ten (10) minute running-clock quarters. The only clock stoppage will be in the last 1:30 of the 4th quarter if the score margin is less than twelve (12) points, or player injury.
    3. The overtime period will be sudden death. The first team to score two (2) points. Each team gets an additional thirty (30) second timeout during overtime.
    4. The rest period between each quarter will be thirty (30) seconds. The duration of halftime will last two minutes and thirty seconds (2:30).
    5. Each team will be allowed two (2) thirty (30) second time-outs during regulation.
    6. The warm-up time between games will be as little as three (3) minutes and as much as ten (10) minutes.
    7. Games CAN start early, but only if BOTH coaches agree to start early.
    8. All teams are expected to arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before their scheduled tip-off. A five (5) minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. If any team is knowingly unable to make scheduled game, they must notify the Women’s League director in advance. **If a team is assessed with a “no show”, there will be no refund for that lost game and will result in a loss with (-15) point spread.
    9. Each player will be allowed six (6) fouls before being disqualified from competition.
    10. Bonus (1 & 1) will begin on the 10th foul in a half. There are NO double (2) bonus shots.
    11. Each shooting foul will be one for two/three (1 for 2/3).
    12. Inside the last 1:30 of the fourth quarter, the second team foul committed will result in a (1 & 1) situation, regardless of the current foul count.
    13. No seatbelt rule if a coach receives an In-Direct technical foul (bench personnel).
    14. If a player(s) is ejected for fighting at any point, the League director will determine when they can return to game action.
    15. Point spread max for each game will be +15/-15.
    16. The tournament seeding will be determined by the overall standings.


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